ENTER, those who believe
F**ck off, those who don’t!
The scientist is not a hero.

There has been a lot of bullshit spoted about the scientist recently. A lot of people are having a hard time accepting that he is less the hero, more the ‘badass evil mofo’. So with that in mind, here are three reasons why it is idiotic to think that the scientist is on the side of the angels.

1)           The scientist does really, really, really, evil things. He kills men. He kills women. He kills childern. He would probably torture hamsters if they got in his way. Never forget that the scientist’s actual actions are those of a physchopath. So what if he’s corrupted by the devil. He still chooses everything that the does. And besides, we don't generally accept ‘satan me do it’ as an escuse now, do we? No, we pute those people into asylums. A bit like Mark Dane, in fact. Coincidence?

2)           The scientist achieves absolutely nothing. Seriously. Not one thing. Everyone he tries to help ends up dead for worse). His daughter ends up in the hands of the devil. And when he transforms into Mark Dane, there is every chance that his work will be used to seriously mess-up the rest of the human race. For someone who allegedly starts out with the best of intentions (see below), you have ti admit that he isn’t exactly likely to make ‘Time’s Person of the Year’ any time soon.

3)           The scientist does not start out with the best of intentions. If you read TUE and come away thinking that the scientist sets out purely to help other people, then you really should check your reading glasses. What about his relentless, over-riding sense of scientific curiosity? What about his desire to exercise the demons of his wife’s death? Or his desire to (over) protect his daughter? This is a compromised man and a selfish man, not a pure one. You haven’t thought this through, have you? Idiot.

Think you know every last secret that Utopia has to hide?
Think again.

GilbertSnape545 has ben doing some amazing work examining the Forest Hill prison fire in 1981. Still without enquiry or investigation, 23 men died in the tragedy, and as you will know, it’s been well documented that this fire was the inspiration for the ‘psycho blaze’ in TUE’s second chapter. This is easy enough to explain of course. With TUE published well after the fire took place, Mark Dane must have seen the photos of the incident that were all over the press in the early 80s, and simply regurgitated them when putting pen to paper for TUE.

But hang on now. GibertSnape545 has made the most unsettling observation. Photos of four of the men who died in 1981 were not actually published until a follow-up news report of 1987. Yet likenesses of David Smith, Jerome Matthews, Bradley Jennings and Terrance Pertwee are clearly seen in TUE. Take a look for yourselves. They are there, clear as day.

So what - did Mark Dane just guess what these men looked like? Did he phone up the prison and ask them to send snaps? Once again, this is clear evidence that there is more to Utopia than the publishers would ever care to admit.

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